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Expertise - FiDD relies on its 6 pillars of strength to ensure the success in any project to overcome the inevitable hurdles or challenges. They are - Strategy, Design, Innovation, Technology, Planning and Execution.

Dedicated team to map the client's brief and the consumer's need Charting the direction for innovation, design, theme and execution Absorbing the brief and materializing it into a tangible and immersive consumer experience.

State of the art design lab Ability to realize concepts to reality in 2D and 3D environments Focus on ergonomics, usability, Information design and visual impact.

Up to date with the latest design and innovation trends internationally 'Think Different' is the motto even on projects with limited budgets Continuous R&D on new materials, design and execution techniques.

Emphasis on the use of technology on every brief with the aim to improve the experience quotient Latest sensor and projection techniques are constantly researched and implemented Infusion of Augment, Virtual and Mixed Reality experiences in environments.

Synergizing Design, Strategy and Execution plan seamlessly Feasibility study on every project to reduce hiccups during installation Strict timeline oriented approach.

Recce and feasibility of design, materials. time line and technology is done before execution plans are drawn up Inputs on design from the execution teams ensure flawless installation Well experienced installation/execution personnel on board.


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